New organisation of state services in charge of professional immigration

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On the 1st April 2021, a new organisation of State services shall come into force with the creation of new de-centralised services.

The purpose of this reform is to:

Conduct a profound transformation, on regional and local levels, of integration public services, with the aim to pool various skills

Enable the territorial State to have a more simple and efficient dialogue with employment and integration public services (local authorities, social security operators or bodies)

More specifically, this forms part of a larger reform on professional immigration the aim of which is:

Having better control over and better shifting the flows of professional immigration towards sectors with recruitment difficulties, by relying on an up-to-date list of professions under tension (ongoing discussions with social partners)

Simplifying work authorisation applications

Reducing application lead times

Streamlining the work authorisation application process across the territory


Our immigration experts have summarized for you the reform about the new organisation of state services in charge of professional immigration.

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