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Have any of your employees received text messages or emails from Assurance Maladie asking them to obtain or update their Carte Vitale?

PLEASE NOTE! These are fraudulent messages which we’ve been seeing a lot of recently.



Your employees are or could be faced with fraudulent messages from all kinds of organisations claiming to be Assurance Maladie.
They may receive text messages, emails, but also phone calls asking the insured to call a number that is not the official Social Security number.
Here are some examples of messages:


By text


By email


PLEASE NOTE: If they click on the link, they’ll be redirected to this page asking them to indicate their bank details.




Some elements to keep in mind:

Assurance Maladie will never ask you by message to update your Carte Vitale.
A Carte Vitale update is free and is made using specific machines at the pharmacy or your doctor’s office. It is never done online.
The only way to securely exchange information with Assurance Maladie is by connecting to your Ameli account.
Only calling 3646 (free service + cost of call) allows you to contact your CPAM


Good to know

Here are the different numbers which may be displayed on your employees’ phones when Assurance Maladie contacts them:
​​​​​ 3646 (free service + cost of call)
01 87 52 00 70, for calls made as part of the “Aller vers pour la vaccination contre la Covid-19” campaign
09 74 75 76 78, for calls made as part of contact tracing to limit the circulation of the virus



To report illegal content: employees can connect to the official portal for reporting illegal content
If they received an email (spam), use the website
If it’s a text message, they can report it on the website or by sending a text message to 33 700. These services will block the message sender.


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