Covid and immigration: 5 things to do during the current slow period!

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Our professional immigration experts list you 5 things you can do during the current slow period!


The current health context has slowed down recruitments and mobilities, which makes the period conducive to a full diagnosis :

Of the practices in place

Of the documents found in RH files: residency and work documents valid? Have your British workers started the procedures to obtain a post-Brexit residence permit? Have your working students obtained a prior Temporary Work Permit?

Of your workforce’s foreign employees: beware of external service providers, both local or posted, are they authorised to work for you?

Our Experts can help you with this in-depth diagnosis.



Did you know that France Immigration is a certified training organisation?

We have been providing non-academic practical and expert external training for over a year. Our training courses, which provide theoretical and practical training, focus on interactivitydigitalisation and momentum.

Objectives of our training courses:

Helping our clients gain and develop knowledge on immigration, making them more comfortable when recruiting or managing mobilities

Helping our clients implement and develop good practices and habits as well as avoid risks (full compliance)

Reinforcing our collaboration: by speaking the same language, this makes the exchanges more fluid and optimise the procedures under way

You will shortly be receiving our practical training catalogue, feel free to contact us if you have questions!



Leaving mainland France for a European Space country is no longer subject to restrictions.

All categories of travellers from EU countries are authorised to enter into mainland France.

Now is the time to recruit EU workers in your companies



Updated their procedures by, in particular, speeding up the implementation of electronic procedures.

With this in mind, a major reorganisation of the de-centralised services will take place at the start of April. At the same time, a unique platform for the submission of applications, called ANEF, shall be implemented (further newsletters to come).

We would also like to remind you that Prefectures welcome the public on an appointment basis only. Do not go to your Prefecture without having received (by letter or text message) a confirmation of the date and time of your appointment.

Application processing times remain long, and it is important to anticipate things :

Change of status from the moment the recruitment project materialises and from the moment students graduate or are issued with a permanent certificate of achievement.

Renewal of your employees’ residence permits to be started at least 3 months prior expiration of their current residence permit.

Driving license exchange from the moment a residence permit is obtained, etc.



Currently, except for European travellers and travellers from the green list countries (Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, UK and Singapore), only certain categories of non-European travellers can obtain a long-stay visa and enter France : an immigration status constitutes in itself a compelling reason justifying entrance into France.

These include:

The holders of “Passeport Talent” status: with a D Visa or a residence permit. This also concerns family (partners, spouses, under-age children)

Students: with a D Visa or a residence permit

British nationals and family members under the Withdrawal Agreement (Brexit)

British cross-border workers

The list has been extended to new family reasons (including possible return to the main residence when established in France) but with an international travel certificate model which is being updated. 


Our experts are available to help, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with them!

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