Platform for digitalisation of all “Passeport Talent” residence permit applications

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The Ministry of Home Affairs has opened a nationwide platform for online residence permit applications called ANEF-séjour (Administration Numérique pour les Étrangers en France – Digital administration for foreign nationals in France).

The purpose of the ANEF Platform is to merge all existing platforms and to centralise all future residence permit applications at a national level.

Based on the “Tell us once” principle, the user will no longer be required to provide the same information several times during his/her entire residence application journey. All the data will be centralised and updates only will be required.

Implemented last November for foreign students, this platform will make possible the digitisation of all “Passeport Talent” residence permit applications as of the mid-April 2021 at a national level. 

This will concern initial applications as well as renewals. Regarding changes in status as well as “Posted ICT Workers”, Prefectures are still awaiting confirmation.



Account opened on the platform

Connection made with the Consulate’s case file (Visa). Consequently, if finger prints were taken by the Consulate for the Visa application, the user will no longer be required to provide another set of prints when applying for the 1st time for a residence permit in his/her Prefecture.

Documents pertaining to the application uploaded (no longer necessary to drop them off physically)

If additional documents are requested, the applicant will receive a notification via the platform (he/she will have 15 days to upload the additional documents. If this is not done within the requested deadline, the application will be closed).

Once the application is complete, it will be sent off for review

An extension of rights certificate is sent to the applicant by email (along with a code to download it) which will enable him/her to travel → Receipts and temporary residence permits terminated

Once the application has been reviewed, and if it has been granted, a favourable decision certificate is sent to the applicant, informing him/her that his/her permit is being produced

Notification by the platform of the availability of the residence permit

The residence permit is retrieved in person at the Prefecture by appointment only

If fingers prints are required, they will be taken when the residence permit is retrieved


In the event of a process failure (for technical reasons for example), applicants will be welcomed in person.

By the end of 2022, all residence permit applications (all statuses combined) as well as naturalisation applications will be digitalised via the ANEF Platform.


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