Visa crisis: France and the Maghreb

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At the end of 2021, France announced a drastic reduction in the number of French visas to be granted to Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian nationals.

Why is this? These Maghreb countries refuse to deliver consular passes allowing for the deportation of their nationals illegally present on French soil.

This retaliatory measure aims to reduce by 50% the number of visas granted to Algerian and Moroccan nationals and by 30% the number of visas granted to Tunisian nationals.

Until recently, this hasn’t had any impact on professional immigration statuses, but we’ve recently noticed the following situations:

Tunisia: Several refusals to “Talent Passport – employee on assignment” applications, despite this being a privileged status and even though the applications were perfectly in order.
Standard reason for refusal: “The information provided to justify the conditions for residence is incomplete and/or unreliable.”

Morocco: For the “employee” statuses having obtained their work permit and needing to submit their visa application to the TLS Contact centre, the General Consulate of France has suspended the TLS Contact scheduling, which is significantly impacting employee arrival and their possible start of work.

Algeria: In most cases, the Consulate has refused to grant a “visitor” visa to the spouse of an “employee” on the grounds that the former should have to use the family reunification procedure (which can sometimes last up to 3 years).

You’ll have to be particularly vigilant for your future applications for Maghrebi employees and strengthen the applications by opting for the “Talent Passport – EU Blue Card” or “Talent Passport – employee of a young innovative company” (French Tech) statuses.



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