War in Ukraine: update on the current situation

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Situation in UKRAINE

1. Coming to France

Ukrainians with a biometric passport do not need a visa to travel to the Schengen Area, including France.

Ukrainians without a biometric passport or a travel document who wish to come to France must go to one of the consular offices of states bordering Ukraine (Poland, Romania, Hungary etc.) so that their situation can be examined.

Within the Schengen Area, stay is permitted for 90 days. For stay longer than 90 days, contact must be made with the in-country authorities.


2. Stay in France longer than 90 days – Temporary protection

Find official information from the Ministry of the Interior : here

Temporary protection

Temporary protection is an exceptional measure authorised by a decision of the Council of the European Union of the 4th March 2022.


Conditions of eligibility

Case 1: Ukrainian national residing in Ukraine before the 24th February 2022 

Case 2: Non-Ukrainian national benefiting from a protection (international or national equivalent) granted by the Ukrainian authorities

Case 3: family member of a person falling under case 1 or case 2 (family members are: spouse, single minor children and dependant parents)

Case 4: non-Ukrainian national, with a valid permanent residence permit granted by the Ukrainian authorities and who is unable to return to their country of origin 


Rights granted by temporary protection in France

Issuing of temporary residence permit (APS) in France for a period of 6 months, marked with “bénéficiaire de la protection temporaire”

Payment of a benefit allowance for asylum seekers

Authorisation to carry out professional activity, subject to obtaining a work authorisation from the ANEF platform

Access to healthcare through medical coverage

Schooling for minor children

Support with access to housing


How can I apply for temporary protection?

Go to the prefecture of the department of residence or of accommodation

Present documents providing evidence of your situation

Go to the prefecture accompanied by family members (spouse, children)

 If the application is complete and admissible, protection will be granted as will the APS.

You’ll then have to make contact with the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII).


3. Accomodation and housing

An official platform dedicated to hosting Ukrainian families in France has been created, accessible via the link parrainage.refugies.info 

This platform allows all French citizens to offer services (accommodation, language classes, food aid, translation, interpretation, administrative assistance, etc.) and puts them in contact with the relevant associations to support them with the assistance procedures or with offering accommodation.

The platform also allows associations to get the word out about their work, recruit volunteers to help them carry out their mission, and also includes useful information for Ukrainians newly arrived in France.


Situation in RUSSIA

1. French nationals in Russia

Due to the increasing shortage of flight routes, it is highly recommended that French nationals, whose presence and whose family’s presence is not essential in Russia, leave the country while this is still possible.

The French Embassy in Moscow has put together an non-exhaustive list of indirect flight routes back to France which is consultable here.


2. Visas and settlement in France for Russian nationals

Here’s the list of current restrictions for the issuing of short-stay visas for the following categories:

Members of official delegations of the Russia Federation

Members of the governments and national and regional parliaments of the Russian Federation

Members of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, if carrying out official duties

Russian Federation citizens with valid diplomatic passports

Businessmen and businesswomen and representatives of business organisations

There are no current restrictions for long-stay visa applications, except health measure restrictions.

Russian nationals already legally residing in France can renew their residence permits if they continue to meet the eligibility conditions for the status they are using.


3. Businesses: impact of sanctions on economic activities

The Ministry of Economy, Finance and the Recovery is particularly conscious of the consequences that a military invasion in Ukraine as well as sanctions decided against Russia would have on business activity.

To provide information and best respond to concerns, several points of contact have been set up specifically for businesses, according to the issues encountered.

Consult the list of contacts here


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